How do you live more authentically?

At RISE counseling we offer different approaches to help you reclaim your authentic self.
We believe that good therapy involves more than just talking.

Relationship Support

Sara Nawrocki, MA, LPCC

Do you ever wonder if your partner, child, or parent drinks too much? Are you concerned that a loved one spends too much time or money on alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, or shopping?

Maybe your loved one has told you their behavior is not a problem, and that you have the problem because you are concerned about them or that you are the cause of their addictive behavior?

You may find yourself making excuses for your loved one and scrambling to cover their mistakes; protecting your children from your partner’s angry outbursts or unpredictable actions; and feeling exhausted, anxious, or depressed from trying to figure out what is really going on-while trying desperately to keep all the balls in the air.

Living with, or loving someone, who has an addiction can be a lonely, difficult, and frightening experience. You are not alone.

I believe that true connection with others is central to finding joy. While we cannot control a loved one’s addiction, we can learn to reconnect with self and others in healthy, meaningful ways. Learning to lovingly detach from another’s unhealthy behaviors allows us to refocus our energy on building a life we love and deserve.

I specialize in helping people who love someone that struggles with addiction. I offer support and hope as you learn to rise above the often far reaching effects of addictive behaviors and reconnect with your authentic strength and passion. Together, we can uncover the path that is yours to reclaim.