What if you could be fully seen and known?

Working with a therapist provides a supportive relationship where you can safely explore and express who your truly are.

Sara Nawrocki, MA, LPCC

Relationship Support

Finding the right therapist to work with can feel like a daunting task, I’m so glad you’ve landed here at RISE Counseling! Numerous studies have shown that the most important element in effective counseling is the “therapeutic relationship”, in other words, finding someone you trust and feel comfortable working with. Here, I share a little about myself both professionally and personally to help you find the support that is just right for you, right now.

My background.

I spent the first 20 years of my life in Northern Ontario, Canada where I learned to love long summer nights on the lake and I learned to tolerate long, cold winters! (I still don’t miss those winters and I complain the loudest in cold weather.) I moved to Michigan to attend college and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree. Soon after graduation, the mountains were calling, and I moved to Colorado in 1995. I spent about a decade working in pharmacy, I married, and began a family. I decided to take time away from my career to raise our four children, which is an experience I am extremely grateful for. When my eldest daughter entered high school, I started to feel the restlessness of middle age and decided to pursue a Master’s degree in counseling. I knew quite a bit about how to treat being “sick” with medications and Western medicine, but I really wanted to know what makes us “well”—mind, body, and spirit—which to me, includes supporting our mental health.

My experience.

There is little doubt that we each experience our share of struggle in life. Childhood traumas, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, health crises, financial hardships-not one of us is immune to the experiences life brings our way. Sometimes, these experiences feel like more than we can handle, and we feel at a loss how to manage. I’ve been there, and I understand. Having lived with the family disease of addiction, I have experienced the anxiety, depression, confusion, and anger that are so common with this disease. I have also experienced the healing effects of working with a trusted therapist and how important it is to have support.

My approach.

I approach counseling with the understanding that body and mind are intricately connected. Thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical health can all be negatively impacted by difficult experiences. For this reason, I strive to incorporate each of these elements into my counseling practice. I work with clients to develop awareness of limiting beliefs and subconscious behavior patterns, while also encouraging self-acceptance and compassion. In addition to talk therapy, I regularly incorporate Brainspotting (BSP), a body-based approach to therapy into sessions helping clients access difficult experiences in ways that language cannot. Brainspotting is gentle, client-led, and highly effective in healing trauma and a wide-range of emotional disturbances.

My specialty.

Living with, or loving someone, who has an addiction can be a lonely, difficult, and frightening experience. You are not alone. While we cannot control a loved one’s addiction, we can learn to reconnect with self and others in healthy, meaningful ways. Learning to lovingly detach from another’s unhealthy behaviors allows us to refocus our energy on building a life we love and deserve.

I specialize in helping women who love someone that struggles with addiction. I offer support and hope as you learn to RISE above the often far reaching effects of addictive behaviors and reconnect with your authentic strength and passion. Together, we can uncover the path that is yours to reclaim.

My point of view.

As a therapist, I feel both fortunate and humbled to be able to walk with others and navigate the hurdles of life. Above all, I believe that:

  • You are the expert on your life, and I am here to support you.
  • Your body has innate wisdom and is inherently capable of healing within a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Relationships can be transformative when we feel truly seen and known.
  • The path to our most joyful lives is in true connection with others.
  • An open heart and a curious mind are the cornerstone of our work together.

My world.

Outside of the office, I spend most of my time with four busy kiddos, one dog (Rocky, the Bernedoodle), 2 extremely spoiled ragdoll cats, a bunny, a hamster, and a frog named Froggo. Good relationships with family and friends are essential to me, and I find time to connect with others as often as possible. I also love to learn, and I spend time every day reading, listening to podcasts, and challenging myself to grow. I strive to remain open to both the beauty and the challenges of life and to follow the opportunities that make my heart sing. I invite you to do the same-to listen to your heart and allow yourself to RISE.

With joy,